Dec 152011

The Pet ShopFor the next few weeks, Matt Petersen is going to be doing weekly, featured, full length interviews with some of our top authors. Week one, we welcome KD Grace into the Xcite dungeon to tell all…

MATT : Hi KD, great to see you again. Can you tell us about when you started writing erotica?

KD GRACE : I’ve always enjoyed writing the sexy bits in fiction. I always found them the most interesting parts to write, but I actually started writing erotica four years ago, back when Scarlet Magazine was still around. I wrote a couple of pieces for their ‘cliterature’ section. Then shortly after that, I started writing short stories for Black Lace. That was the beginning. I had no idea where it would lead me :)

MATT : Can you pinpoint exactly what it is that draws you to writing erotica as opposed to more mainstream genres?

KD GRACE: What originally drew me to write erotica was that erotica paid money, and actually bought my stories! However, what KEPT me writing erotica was that I began to realize the depths of a character that are expressed through his or her sexuality and the vulnerability of the human animal during the sex act. That fascinated me. It seems to me that the place to meet with the characters in a story and learn the most about them and the most about what matters to them, what frightened them, what makes them weak, what makes them strong is during the act of sex when they’re naked and needing. That’s not only the point when they’re most ‘outside’ themselves, but it’s also the point when they’re most who they really are. Add to that the fact that it’s only during sex that humans ever have the chance to really get ‘inside’ each other, and how could I not want to write about it?

MATT: OK, so moving on – pretty much everyone who’s read your work would say that it’s quite steamy to say the least. I’d say that it’s smoking HOT. Where do you get your inspiration? Are the characters, storylines and scenarios drawn from personal experience, or just the product of imagination?

KD GRACE: That’s probably the question every erotica writer gets asked the most often. It’s certainly one I would have asked before I started writing erotica. There are bits of every story that are me and that are based in my tame little world of reality. In The Initiation of Ms Holly, it was being stuck on the Eurostar, in The Pet Shop, it was my love of the outdoors, in Body Temperature and Rising it was getting stuck on the fells in the mist. However most of the sex is from my own nasty little mind. Though the heat is important, in the sex scenes, what I really try to bring out in each sex scene is what’s going on beneath, what is driving the characters. There’s a basic rule in fiction not to use sex unless it moves the story forward. I think if anything that’s even more true in erotica. So I’m always using my imagination to find hot ways to move the story forward.

MATT: I think that’s an important point there, K.D. Something about your work that a lot of readers have commented on – your use of sex to develop depth in your characters and to drive the plot forward. Do you think this is the main reason that The Initiation of Ms Holly and The Pet Shop have been so well received?

KD GRACE: I’d certainly like to think so. I think people can get jaded on reading sex. Certainly I know those of us who write it become a lot harder to be impressed by sex in print. But I’ve never heard of anyone getting jaded by a good story. Ultimately I consider myself a story teller first and foremost. I think if the story’s good, people will put up with bad sex (in spite of the Bad Sex Awards, or maybe they are proof?) but if the story isn’t interesting, then even if the sex is fabulous, it becomes nothing more than wank material. Having said that, I’m very happy to have people wank to my sex scenes, but I want to make sure that after they’ve had some personal time, they keep on turning those pages.

MATT: Let’s talk about ‘The Pet Shop‘. Released earlier this year, it’s been fantastically received by just about everyone – gaining a huge number of 5 star reviews. As an author, that’s got to feel pretty good?

KD GRACE: It feels amazing! I have to pinch myself every once in awhile to make sure I’m not dreaming it all. The Pet Shop has had a special place in my heart long before it ever got written, so I feel like my baby has made me proud.

MATT: A lot of people have drawn parallels between ‘The Pet Shop‘ and the classic tale of ‘The Beauty And The Beast’. Is this coincidental, or did that story act as inspiration?

KD GRACE: A bit of both, actually. The story started taking place in my mind after I wrote a short story called ‘On Keeping Pets.’ And as the story developed, I realized that it was Beauty and the Beast all kinked up that I was telling. After that, I paid a lot more attention to the parallels and the underlying meanings of the story and found that they all fit very well into the story I was telling with Pets.

MATT: Body Temperature and Rising, the first part of your new trilogy Lakeland Heatwave has recently been released through Xcite Books for eBook and will be released in print in February. Can you tell us a bit about it?

KD GRACE: It is a paranormal erotic romance involving a coven of witches that practice a very unique kind of sex magic, and the demon who is trying to destroy them.

When I actually started working on it, I found I couldn’t make it work. I kept trying and trying. Then one day while out one a long walk, I realized it wouldn’t work because it was actually a trilogy, not a single novel.

MATT: in comparison to your other novels, how sexy would you say it is?

KD GRACE: I’d say BTR is every bit as sexy as Holly and Pets, but very different. Though every book has been really different. My coven of witches practices sex magic, remember? And they practice it often!  However, BTR is a much darker, much more sinister story with an ending that is actually only the beginning. It is very intense, quite frightening in some places, and oh so much fun!

MATT: Thanks KD – I think that’s about all we have time for. Thank you very much for your time and have a great holidays!


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