Apr 102014

Roommates Shelby, David, and Elliot have always gotten along fabulously, but lately all of those annoying little quirks are rubbing nerves raw. Once Shelby commits the mother of all bad-roommate infractions, the three decide it’s time to come up with a solution or call it quits.

Now there are rules and there are consequences for breaking those rules. On the day David tells Shelby that her consequence is to play dress up and scrub the kitchen floor, she’s had enough – but David is just getting started. What started off as a silly way to keep each other in line quickly turns into a game to see how far David and Shelby can push each other behind Elliot’s back.  

They can’t keep their dirty little secrets from Elliot forever, and when he finds out what’s been going on under his nose, he has a few consequences of his own.

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